About us

Our Sanctuary

Welcome to the Second Chipman United Baptist Church … just as You Are.  Feel free to come dressed however you feel comfortable and with whatever questions, doubts, concerns or uncertainties you may have about God.

As you come in, please feel free to grab a coffee before the service begins as you mingle amongst our family.  Children are very welcome and cherished at 2nd Chipman Baptist.  We begin the service at 11 AM by worshiping together as families, before the children head downstairs for the Kidz ministry time during the message.

We should tell you, however, that while our motto is “Come as you are” that we can’t promise you will stay as you are. We believe that Jesus has the ability to transform lives and make all things new. Our hope is that everyone who visits or joins the Church, whether they have been Christians a long time or are totally new to the whole “God thing” will be changed by knowing Christ.

The Gospel is the good news of Jesus. The Gospel is revealed in Jesus through the Bible, but it is for all cultures.  We reach out to these people through our on-line program (here).

We have a variety of local programs and services that we offer to the Chipman community.  Please see our local services here.